Chameleon is an ensemble visual and circus theatre show using the concept and visual elements of camouflague. The performance is a development of the 2015 award-winning demo-show of the same name. This is the largest show for Kallo Collective so far, involving 6 circus artists.  


Performers: Inga Björn, Kristiina Janhunen, Jenni Kallo, Gemma Tweedie, Sakari Saikkonen, Olli Vuorinen


Directors: Thom Monckton and Gemma Tweedie


Light design: Elina Nopanen

Supporters: Cirko, Subtopia, Arts Printing House, Finnish-Swedish Cultural Foundation, Kulturkontakt Nord


Premiere: 12.5.2017


KWALK is an absurd physical comedy collaboration between Kallo Collective and contemporary music collective; Uusinta Ensemble. KWALK joyfully expressess the ludicrousnous of our humanity... like the endless loop of satisfaction and desire experienced from popping bubble-wrap.​

Performers: Jenni Kallo, Sampo Kurppa, Thom Monckton


Musicians (Uusinta Ensemble): Emil Holmström , Maria Puusaari, Joonatan Rautio


Music by Georges Aperghis and Uusinta Ensemble


Production: Kallo Collective

Premiere 2017


A spinoff show from Chameleon, these two receptionists are fast-talking smooth moving professionals in the hospitality industry. They speak multiple languages, none of which you can understand, and have an almost pathological fear of their customers. Impressively silly and exceptionally charismatic, Inga and Kristiina have a unique and hilarious chemistry which makes the whole experience  delightfully bonkers.

Created and performed by Inga Björn and Kristiina Janhunen.

Assisted occasionally by Thom Monckton.

Sound Design by Esko Mattila

Costume by Gemma Tweedie

Premiere: 6.2.2019 at Red Pearl Women Clown Festival @Hurjaruuth


A touring show for children that will take place in sandboxes. Using the sand as a prop, set, costume, and stage Sandbox creates playful visual and physical comedy to deliver a delightful desert of dreams.

Created and Performed by Henni Kervinen and Laura Tuorila

Directive Assistance: Thom Monckton, Jenni Kallo

Sound design: Sami Tammela

Costume design: Alisa Närvänen ja Elina Peltonen

Premiere: June 14th 2019 in Vantaa

Only Bones Project

A solo performance series of minimalist physical theatre by various artists using restrictive parameters to create the production: Only one light, no text, no narrative, and as little props and set as possible.

Only Bones v1.0 performed by Thom Monckton. (Trailer) (Video Project)

Only Bones v1.1 performed by Sampo Kurppa. (Video Project)

Only Bones v1.2 performed by Henna Kaikula in development

Only Bones v1.3 performed by Jenni Kallo.


... and more on their way!

Only Bones Video Project


A video project accompanies the artists of the project into sparse environments. 


 ”The performance of Kallo Collective is so devoted and expressive that you forget it is nonverbal”

Flitting butterflies, majestic flowers, and worming caterpillars. This would-be-magical show for children is brought crashing down to earth by two bumbling and entirely incapable puppeteers. 

Directed by Thom Monckton and created by Thom Monckton, Sampo Kurppa, Jenni Kallo, and Elina Nopanen. 

Show is now performed by a rotating cast and presented in New Zealand by Circotica.


Auckland Fringe Awards: Best Theatre, Best Costume

Co-Presented by: Circotica

Created by: Thom Monckton
Costume: TAUKO
Light Design: Elina Nopanen
Sound Design: Eilyas X
Rotating Cast: Thomas Lahood, Dan Syme, Victoria Abbott, Mim Syme, Jenni Kallo, Emma Castrén, Sakari Saikkonen, Victor Barrere 

Premiere 2014



A young woman on the autistic spectrum prepares for a much needed job interview and society’s social norms are put under the spotlight in this uplifting and optimistic show by Jen McArthur.

Inspired by the originality, struggles and joys of autistic children she worked with, McArthur’s character Echo doesn’t register social niceties, yet wants to be part of the world. Echolalia shares an understanding of high functioning autism with touching honesty, sympathy and a sense of humour.

"utterly mesmerising…. utterly relatable." ***** Broadway Baby

Best Solo Show, NZ Fringe 2012
Best of Fringe, Dunedin Fringe 2012
Best in Theatre, Dunedin Fringe 2012

Created and performed by: Jen McArthur

Costume: TAUKO


Working together for the first time Thom Monckton and Luis Sartori do Vale are creating a new performance, investigating restlessness and perpetual motion.

PENDULUM is an investigation into all things that sway, rock, oscillate, or otherwise move backwards and forwards in a perpetual fashion. With rocking chairs and a B-grade horror movie   aesthetic this production promises humour, surprise, tension, relief, visuality and intrigue; All the ingredients needed for a fulfilling audience experience.

Demo: NouNous Festival 2019

Premiere: January 31st, 2020 @Dynamo workspace, Odense Denmark

Co-producer: Dynamo workspace 

Creation and performing: Thom Monckton and Luis Sartori do Vale

Light design: Jere Mönkkönen

Sound design: Petteri Rajanti


Helga is based on Jenni Kallo's solo show Miss Olga from year 2011 -  a new cabaret diva extraordinaire is here! Poignant, melancholy physical comedy is the wordless story of Helga. Told through her eccentric perspective she takes us through the emotional, quirky and hilarious journey of her life. Performed using, mime, clowning and circus skills to describe Helga's life, which is simultaneously tragic and comic.​


Performer: Henni Kervinen

Director: Jenni Kallo

Sound design: Sami Tammela

Light design: Alice Leclerc

Set design and costume: Kirsi Manninen

Original music: Hannu Oskala

Premiere 5.1.2017

Moving Stationery

Moving Stationery is a multi-award winning solo physical comedy created and performed by Thom Monckton.The show revolves around Sigmund, the bewildered recipient of a new office job. The new recruit is besieged by his new office and the lift, his lunch, and the stationery are set to destroy him. Moving Stationery transforms small but recognizable everyday frustrations into catastrophic events.The show combines object and body manipulation, clown technique and imagery to create a visual, energetic and very funny piece of unique physical comedy.


Awards: NZ Fringe 2012: Best of the Fringe, Best in Theatre, Stand Out Performer.

Dunedin Fringe 2012: Stand Out Performer.


Houkutus (Temptation) is a physical comedy about one mans struggle with his addiction to cigarettes. Deceptively light-hearted, this solo show is uniquely physicalised and comically twisted offering the audience a chance to laugh and empathise at a state of mind we all experience on some level. 

Created and performed by: Sampo Kurppa

In Development...

The Divine Lie

Experts on their field putting creativity together by devising and sharing their experience and knowledge, using 

feminity as one of the tools. 

Performers: Reetta Honkakoski, Ona Kamu, Jenni Kallo, Tuovi Rantanen and Hanna Terävä

Director: Pirjo Yli-Maunula

Music: Ona Kamu

Sound design: Hanna Rajakangas

Light design: Sofia Palillo

Costumes and set: Heidi Kesti

Production: Kallo Collective

In association with Flow Productions

Premiere: Oulu, January 2021

Support: Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Jenny & Antti WIhuri Foundation, Arts Promotion Center, Niilo Helander Foundation, MES, Oulu 


Past Performances

Miss Olga

Olga, the cabaret diva extraordinaire!...well...sort of. 

This is the bittersweet tale of an eccentric old lady impatiently waiting the return of a family member. Told through Olga’s slightly distorted perspective Miss Olga takes us through the emotional and laugh-out-loud journey of her life. 

Jenni articulates Olga’s memories with mime, silhouettes, clown, and circus. In amidst the flurries of feathers and fervent flames, Olga bears her underlying loneliness with a hopeful smile that consistently plucks at our heartstrings. 

With fire-eating and marsh-mellow breathing, Miss Olga treads the line between comedy and sorrow.

Miss Olga is the perfect example of exciting wordless story-telling.

Created and performed by: Jenni Kallo

Music by: Hannu Oskala

Lighting design by: Marianne Lagus

Edgar's Echo

The hunt for rare moments and species becomes a fantastic mathematical puzzle of discoveries.

Partially inspired by the life and work of Lewis Carroll, Edgar's Echo creates a Wonderland where strange things happen.

Created as a cooperation of Kallo Collective & Krepsko Theatre Group


Direction: Linnea Happonen

Performance: Jenni Kallo, Sakari Saikkonen, Katrine Weigelt, Jiri Zeman

Music: Mayim Alpert

Visual design: Kristel Maamägi

Light design: Kauri Klemelä


Topicana! is just the thing to warm you up on an autumn day. This entertaining street theatre comedy sees two bumbling peddlers trying to make their fortune by providing a tropical holiday experience. The ultimate in stress relief.

Created and performed by Jen McArthur and Thom Monckton