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This year Kallo Collective's unique 5 day festival of physical comedy is happening!! 
We are happy to say we can welcome you to experience some laughter and joy during the darkest time of the year!
Programme and timetable you'll find below, and tickets are on sale in Tiketti. 
We update the festival on our FB-event page. See you soon! <3
NouNous Festival 2022 will be 30.11.-4.12.2022!

Dec 1st

19h00  Only Bones v1.6

            - Marina Cherry

20h30  The Gynecologist by

            Emma Castrén


DEC 2nd

19h00 Hamish  

20h30 Viivi++ by

           Viivi Roiha, Demo

DEC 3rd

19h00 The Letter   

21h00 Only Bones v1.6

            - Marina Cherry

DEC 4th

15h00 Michael Might

16h00 Film Mad in Finland

17h30 Only Bones v1.6 -

           Marina Cherry

18h30 Film Bonnet d'Homme

20h00 The Letter       

DEC 5th

15h00 The Letter

16h30 Film Bonnet d'Homme

18h00 Michael MIght

19h00 Film Mad in Finland

20h30 Only Bones v1.6 -

           Marina Cherry

22h00 Hamish


Only by Tiketti

22,50/18,50/16,50 €/6,50€

No door sale

Serial ticket 50,00 € incl. 4 free to choose shows

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Gynecologist IPortrait_GemmaTweedie


Emma Castrén

Dec 1st 20h30

The Gynecologist is a work that delves into the physiology of femininity and the changes in the ecosystem caused by climate change. What if you could peek inside you?

The Gynecologist is an adventure into the inner world of the body, where a gynecologist clown dives into her patient in search of a solution to the painful ailments of this intimate area.

The themes of the performance equate two spaces and scales: the internal world of the body (gynecological diseases and their impact on the body) and the external world around us (changes in ecosystems caused by climate change).

The work explores the similarities between the two worlds through ecofeminist thinking.

Concept and performance: Emma Castrén

Director: Jenni Kallo

Light design: Vilma Vantola

Sound design: Iida Hägglund

Visual design/set: Gemma Tweedie

Costume: Mirva Mietala

Co-producers: Tehdas teatteri and Kallo Collective

Premiere: 18.2.2022, Turku, Tehdas teatteri

Support: Helsinki City, Niilo Helander Foundation, Alfred Kordelin Foundation and Samuel Huber Art Foundation

Duration appr. 30 minutes

Age recommendation +12 yrs.

No admission, free entrance

mumbaiexpress I Viivi Roiha

V++ Demo

Viivi Roiha

Dec 2nd 20h30

V++ is Viivi Roiha’s autobiographical solowork, in which the images and moods change abruptly. Roiha steps out of the cliches characteristic of the air acrobatics by taking them too far towards something more brutal, uglier and more fun. 

Playing with stereotypes of aerial acrobatics, the fantasy-breaking work is liberating from beauty ideals and norms. 

Performer: Viivi Roiha

Duration: 30 minutes

Age recommendation: +8 yrs

No admission, free entrance

Michael Might I cTatu Kantomaa



Dec 4th 15h00 and 5th 18h00

Incredible Michael Might and his Amazing Magic Show combines circus, great illusions, acrobatics and live music. Artists coming from Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi City, entertain us with several historical magic stunts from levitation to restoration and quick changes. All done with good humour, amazing sharpness and diligent. The company is well known for their skill to entertain.


Audience enjoyment and their well being are in the forefront of the iron strong performers - very enthusiastic magician Michael Might, his charming assistant Sarah Sharp and musician Kevin Venom, whose brilliant presence is like a glue holding the show together. 


This non-verbal show suits everybody and time goes fast with the amazing performers. 

Direction: Jenni Kallo

Performers: Mika Formunen, Annu Nietula, Tatu Kantomaa

Visual: Tiia Aspegren

Production: Piste Kollektiivi

Duration: 45 minutes

Age recommendation: +8 yrs.

OBv16 Triangle_Marina Cherry

Marina Cherry

Dec 1st 19h00 Dec 3rd 21h00

Dec 4th 17h30 Dec 5th 20h30 

Hailing from Missoula, Montana, currently based in Stockholm, Marina works with extreme flexibility, combined with dance and physical theatre to create an idiosyncratic style of performance.

Intriguingly engulfing, sporadically disturbing, this quirky conglomeration creates a mishmash of corporal and cerebral manipulations.

Bursting the bubbles of banality, in a balance between theatrical and physical, Marina nudges the limits, researching innovation amongst extreme constraints, using only one light, it is a maximization of the minimal. 

Creation and performing, sounds, light: Marina Cherry

Outside eye: Thom Monckton

Music: Compilation

Support: Riga Cirks, NouNous Festival

Co-production and residencies: Kallo Collective, Riga Cirks, Subtopia, Cirkobalkana, Cirkus Kolektiv, UP - Circus & Performing Arts, Cirkorama

Premiere 4.12.2020

Duration 40 minutes

Age recommendation +8 yrs.

THE LETTER, photo Hedda H. Elvestad.


Paolo Nani

Dec 3rd 19h00

Dec 4th 20h00 and Dec 5th 15h00

Paolo Nani’s classic and international hit The Letter has toured since 1992 all over the world. This non-verbal physical theatre show has reached cult fame with a very simple form, writing a letter. With 15 different ways from horror to magic without special effects or scenography, Paolo Nani makes writing a letter something different.

Performance packed with details, and skillful precision and timing has been called the encyclopedia of comedy. Show has toured in 40 countries and performed 1600 times. 

A must see!


Concept: Paolo Nani, Nullo Facchini

Direction: Nullo Facchini


“Paolo Nani, the quintessence of comedy. He is considered one of the few masters of the contemporary physical theatre. THE LETTER, a perfect miracle of precision and talent - in world tour since 1992 - is a kind of encyclopedia of comedy”.

Live Milano, Milan, Nov. 2011


Duration 60 minutes

Age recommendation +8 yrs

Hamish_c_Tatu Kantomaa


Mika Formunen

Dec 2nd 19h00 and Dec 5th 22h00

Former rock star Hamish wants him and his new art form to be taken seriously. His specialties as fakir are balloon dogs and fire-eating, and they are served to the audience with needed seriousness and skills. Pain and pleasure, characteristic to a fakir are present at the same time, and it doesn't matter how long the road to reach the goal is - pain threshold is high and virtuosity endogenous. Come, and experience Hamish!   


Performer and creation: Mika Formunen

Director: Jenni Kallo

Duration: 45 minutes

Age recommendation + 8 yrs

Production: Piste Kollektiivi and Kallo Collective



Dec 4th 16h00 and Dec 5th 19h00

Mad in Finland

Dec 4th 18h30 and Dec 5th 16h30

Bonnet D'Hômme

Mad in Finland 

What happens when one Finnish circus artist decides to make a film with her six Finnish co-stars? Come and see! The self-irony and absurdity of both the film and the circus show is unfolded with gentleness and humour. 

Bonnet D'Homme

They’ve got donkeys, big beards, an accordion, a chainsaw, few words and occasional nudity. Formerly a multidisciplinary circus artist, director Frédéric Barrette presents a first feature which unique minimalist shots give off the refreshing scent of utopia and reinvented burlesque.

Sijaintikartta I Cirko
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