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First edition of physical comedy festival opens up in Helsinki at Cirko with international guests. 
Cirko Center for New Circus will be filled with laughter in December bringing together all the friends of intelligent, physical and humane humour. Possibility to see and enjoy all the touring shows of Kallo Collective in 2 days, as well internationally renowned guest artists’ solo works by Gabriela Munoz from Mexico and Trygve Wakenshaw from New Zealand.

Dec 5th

19h00  Perhaps perhaps

20h30  Only Bones v1.1

DEC 7th

19h00 Perhaps perhaps 

20h30 Only Bones v1.1

DEC 8th

19h00 Helga - life of a diva extraordinaire

20h30 Only Bones v1.0

dec 9th

12h00 Caterpillars

14h00 Perhaps perhaps

15h30 Only Bones v1.0

17h00 Nautilus

19h30 Only Bones v1.1

21h30 Chameleon

dec 10th

12h00 Caterpillars

14h00 Helga - life of a diva

15h30 Only Bones v1.0

17h00 Nautilus


Presale Tiketti

22,50/16,50 €

On the door

25,00/20,00 €

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Perhaps perhaps_Gaby Munoz

Gabriela Munoz

Dec 5th & 7th 19h00

Dec 9th 14h00

If at first you don't succeed, try again...and again...and again. 

"Perhaps perhaps...quizas" is a clown piece of playing with the idea of loneliness, wait and hope for a right man.  

In an era where nothing seems to impress one another anymore and longing for “real love” seems to be the burden of our time. Greta, our protagonist, is a lonely woman who rehearses once a week the arrival of the so called "one". Will she get lucky tonight? Perhaps, perhaps, quizas...

This is an incredibly heartbreaking work of art. Jennifer Stokes, NY Clown Theatre Festival 2012

Creation, direction and performing: Gaby Munoz

Costume design: Valentina Munoz

Art & set design: Gabriela and Valentina Munoz 

Video: Marion Sosa

Music: Ernesto Paredano

Photograph: Gemma Tweedie/Marion Sosa

Premiere: 2010 New York

Duration 60 minutes

Age recommendation +12 yrs.

Only Bones v1.1

Sampo Kurppa

Dec 5th and 7th 20h30

Dec 9th 19h30

Only Bones v1.1 is an eccentric, abstract non-verbal physical theatre show with a hint of mask theatre, clowning and circus. Body parts take new forms and roles playing games with on viewers conception. This stripped down 45 minutes long performance takes place on a 1 square meter stage with one source of light.  


Performer: Sampo Kurppa

Outside eye: Thom Monckton

Music: Maximilian Latva

Costume: Sol Kellan

Technician: Gabriela Munoz

Photo: Pili Pala

Premiere: 28th of October 2017, Meksiko 

Duration: 45 minutes

Age recommendation: +7 yrs.


HELGA - life of a diva extraordinaire

Henni Kervinen

Dec 6th 15h00 

Dec 8th 19h00 & Dec 10th 14h00

Poignant, melancholic physical comedy of a cabaret diva extraordinaire: Miss Helga! In this wordless performance Helga takes the audience through the journey of her emotional, quirky and hilarious life.

Helga’s story unfolds by using mime, clown and circus skills to describe Helga’s life which is simultaneously tragic and comic. Redirected by Jenni Kallo for a young circus artist Henni Kervinen.

Performer: Henni Kervinen

Director: Jenni Kallo

Lighting design: Alice Leclerc

Original music: Hannu Oskala

Costumes and set: Kirsi Manninen

Sound design: Sami Tammela

Support: Arts Promotion Centre, Jenny & Antti Wihuri Foundation, Cirko - center for new circus

Duration: 50 minutes

Age recommendation: + 7 yrs.

Premiere: 5.1.2017, Rovaniemi Wiljami 

"It's like Jacques Tati with a Finnish twist. Gentle, intelligent humour at its best"

"Only the Finns can make humour out of melancholy as fabulously as this"

'Absurd comedy and sparkling wit…'



Dec 8th 20h30

Dec 9th & 10th 15h30

Only Bones v1.0 by Thom Monckton is a minimalist solo performance of physical buffoonery. Using body manipulation, clowning and circus Only Bones strips down to one light and one performer and opens up a world where anything is possible. 

Creation and performing: Thom Monckton

Music: Tuomas Norvio

Visual: Gemma Tweedie

Production: Kallo Collective

Support: Arts Promotion Centre, Samuel Huber Foundation

Premiere 27.12.2015

Duration 45 minutes

Age recommendation +7 yrs.


Best in Physical Theatre NZ Fringe 2015


Stand Out Performer NZ Fringe 2015

Innovation NZ Fringe 2015

Shortlisted for Edinbugh Fringe Total Theatre Awards 2016

★★★★ ”The creativity that has been poured into this piece is beyond measure, it is enchanting,

engaging and enthralling.” - Edinburgh Guide

★★★★★ “a glorious salute to one man’s remarkable physicality” -The Herald Scotland


by Kallo Collective

Dec 9th & 10th 12h00

Caterpillars is a physical comedy based loosely on the life cycle of two personified caterpillars/butterflies, and told by two less-than-capable clown puppeteers. The magical world of giant caterpillars, floating eggs, and waving flowers is grounded heavily in reality by the puppeteers.

This is a layered physical comedy where the audience is taken into a quirky dream world only to be suddenly brought back to an unpretentious reality by the appealing hopelessness of the

clown puppeteers.

This is the first Kallo Collective show for children although 

the style stays true to the company's universal style and crosses all age and language barriers.

Creation: Thom Monckton

Direction: Thom Monckton and Jenni Kallo

Performers: Emma Castrén, Victor Barrere

Music: Eilyas X

Light design: Elina Nopanen

Costumes: TAUKO

Duration 45 minutes

Age recommendation +4 yrs.

Premiere 31.7.2014

Support: Kone Foundation, Silence Festival, Hämeenlinna Theatre

Nautilus-PRINT-1 - Photo credit Fraser C

Trygve Wakenshaw

Dec 9th and 10th 17h00

Critically acclaimed, award-winning Gaulier-trained clown, Trygve Wakenshaw presents his beautifully strange stream-of-consciousness idiocy in NAUTILUS. NAUTILUS is the third and final instalment in the Underwater Trilogy of solo-shows with aquatic titles (KRAKEN, SQUIDBOY).

Our hero twists and contorts himself into different characters. Smart animals meet stupid humans.Jesus walks on water. Rapunzel looks for love. His hilarious and fun physical comedies are consistently a sell out at festivals around the world. This energetic and hilarious show contains scenes of mime with undertones of veganism, jokes, comedy, cowboys, stagehands, and crabs.

Performer: Trygve Wakenshaw

Music: Aretha Franklin: Natural woman and Habenara (classilac guitar mix)


Duration 75 minutes

Age recommendation +12 yrs.

Premiere 2017

‘So magical, so delightfully playful. Wakenshaw leaves his audience slack-jawed with admiration.

’★★★★ Scotsman

‘The kind of funny you get when not just the rug, but the whole floor and foundations are pulled

right out from under you.’

★★★★ Guardian

‘Trygve is a Loony Toons creation made flesh…you can’t help but be carried away by the pure joy

of his madcap landscapes.’

★★★★ Fest

Chameleon Cirko Festivaali 2017 Promo V1

by Kallo Collective

Dec 9th 21h30

Chameleon is an ensemble visual and circus theatre show using the concept and visual elements of camouflage and set in the context of a luxurious and peculiar hotel. The various stunning areas of the hotel are the home to vibrant catastrophes punctuated by physical and visual humour. Developed from an award-winning 20 minutes demo piece by Gemma Tweedie and Thom Monckton in 2015. This bigger and better version is the largest show for Kallo Collective so far.

Contains physical theatre, circus and absurd humour.

Director: Thom Monckton/co-director Gemma Tweedie

Performers: Inga Björn, Kristiina Janhunen, Jenni Kallo, Sakari Saikkonen, Gemma Tweedie, Olli Vuorinen

Sound design: Maximilian Latva

Light design: Elina Nopanen

Costumes and set design: Gemma Tweedie & Thom Monckton

Production: Kallo Collective

Support: Arts Printing House, Cirko - center for new circus, City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Finnish Swedish Cultural Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation - Uusimaa region, Nordic Cultural Point, Nygren's Stiftelse, Subtopia

Premiere: 12.5.2017 

Duration 70 minutes

Age recommendation +7 yrs

Sijaintikartta I Cirko
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