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Kallo Collective's unique festival of physical comedy is changing!! 
We are happy to say we can welcome you to experience joy as well something
new during the darkest time of the year! Like the festival name. We are now OuNous Festival!
OuNous Festival 2023 will be 7.-10.12.2023! More about festival artists: here 
See you soon! <3

DEC 7th

19h00  20 years later, still here!

            Stina & Lotta

20h30  VAL I with Tom Brand &

            Tuomas Norvio

DEC 8th

19h00 Red Hot Condition 

           Company Afterclap 

21h00 20 years later, still here!

           Stina & Lotta

DEC 9th

13h00 Apparat by Kapsel

14h30 Apparat by Kapsel

16h00 Red Hot Condition

17h00 VAL II with Marina Cherry

           & Risto Puurunen

19h00 20 years later, still here! 21h00 OuNous Soiree 

DEC 10th

13h00 Apparat

15h00 Red Hot Condition

17h00 VAL I

18h00 Into the Wild


Only by Tiketti


Family Ticket 40,00 €

No door sale

Pay what you can 5/10/15€

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OuNous Festival I Jay Gilligan and Erik Åberg I Apparat


Kapsel; Jay Gilligan and Erik Åberg

9th Dec 13h00 & 14h30 and 10th Dec 13h00

Erik and Jay use juggling as a playful way to explore how humans interact with objects and the environment. The show is often surprising, and very easy to enjoy, as it is presented with a personal touch. The show suggests an entire world of possibilities, hidden just below the surface of everyday life, waiting to be discovered by everyone! 

Music and juggling have always been connected by the shared quality of rhythm. Apparat takes this a step further by incorporating the addition of melody into the juggling sequences

Performers: Jay Gilligan and Erik Åberg

Company: Kapsel

Duration. 45 minutes

Age recommendation: 5 to 12 yrs. and over

Red Hot Condition I Company Afterclap I cSofia Kallner


Company Afterclap

8th Dec 19h00, 9th Dec 16h00, 10th Dec 15h00

Red Hot Condition is an energetic lycra and humor -flavored performance that handles today’s fitness boom and the appearance pressures through contemporary circus and physical comedy. 30 minutes of world class circus, live funk music and humor in the glow of 80s bright colors.

Red Hot Condition is the debut show of Company Afterclap. The company was founded in 2019 by two Finns, Nelli Kujansivu and Aaron Hakala. After years of touring separately they decided to combine their forces and so was Company Afterclap born. 

Original idea and performers: Aaron Hakala/Sarah Lett & Nelli Kujansivu
Outside eyes: Jenni Kallo & Mirja Jauhiainen
Music & sound: Aaron Hakala
Costumes: Suvi Lepola & Nelli Kujansivu
Voice over: Matt Pasquet

Premiere 1.7.2020

With support from: Region Stockholm (SE), Finnish Arts Promotion Center (FI), Cirkus Cirkör (SE), Subtopia (SE) and Burnt out Punks (SE). 

Duration 30 minutes

Age recommendation +5 yrs.

Lotta&Stina I 20Yearslater, still here! cHeidi Niemi



7th & 9th Dec 19h00, 8th Dec 21h00

2 Women -  22 Years - 23 Countries - 10,000 Shows - 5 Broken bones - 2,000 Dickheads – 1 Cancelled show

20 YEARS LATER, STILL HERE! is an autobiographical show of two women’s wild joyride through two decades in the world of circus arts. Told with warmth, humour, and dizzying acrobatics, this show invites the audience to share the highs and lows of a life in showbusiness. From the glitz and glamour to the countless hours of practice, the blood, the sweat and the tears.

Beyond the hard times, though, this story celebrates the inspiration that live performance can offer to audiences and a friendship between two women that has stood the test of time.

Concept and performance: Lotta Paavilainen and Stina Kopra 

Direction: Heidi Niemi and Troels Hagen Findsen

Consultant: Heidi Niemi and Troels Hagen Findsen

Costumel: Enna Paavilainen

Light Design: Vilma Vantola

Sound Design: Satu Kankkonen

Outside eye: Heidi Miikki

Photos: Heidi Niemi

Duration: appr. 70 minutes

Age recommendation: +10 yrs.

VAL I Svalbard Company I Tom Brand I OuNous Festival


Presented by Svalbard Company

7th Dec 20h30 & 10th Dec 17h00 Tom Brand and Tuomas Norvio

9th Dec Marina Cherry and Risto Puurunen

A womb, a church, a belly. 'VAL' is not just a sculpture or performance; it is an awakening of the imagination, a narrative of hope and resilience in tumultuous times. 'VAL' is an exquisite blend of wooden structures and LED lights, symbolising the confluence of the tangible and digital worlds, prompting contemplation about the trajectory of humanity and its relation to all life. The piece probes pertinent questions: What constitutes a digital fossil? How does one find harmony in algorithms? Moreover, 'VAL' is more than a performance; it's a communal space, an invitation to gather and reflect. 'VAL' is a choice and an emergency light. 

For this occasion Tom Brand, the creator of this artwork, will collaborate with Tuomas Norvio (sound) and Kenneth Danielsen (lights) to create an improvised piece in and around the installation. Likewise, Marina Cherry and Risto Puurunen will work together based on the same principles on Saturday 9.12. 


VAL @ OuNous festival:

Performer: Tom Brand

Sound: Tuomas Norvio

Lights: Kenneth Danielsen

Costume: Lea Norrman Firus

Technician: Immanuel Rein

VAL II: Marina Cherry and Risto Puurunen

Duration 45 minutes

Age recommendation +13 yrs 

Into the Wild I Henni Kervinen and Riina Tikkanen cMajoKurki I OuNous Festival


Henni Kervinen and Riina Tikkanen

10th Dec 18h00

Into the Wild is a satirical, physical and visual theatre performance that through dark comedy guides us to restoring our relationship with nature, exploring the ambivalent relationship humans have with the natural world. The performance revolves around modern humans, survivors, hikers, berry pickers – you and me – who, coated in forever chemicals, trudge through birch forests and swamps, a Thermacell in our left hand, a mushroom basket in our right, a panda bear tucked under our arm and toilet paper poetry dangling from our pants. 

Two relentless narrators explore taboo topics related to nature, guiding us from environmental destruction, species extinction and pulp mills to healing rituals and complete silence, and where our desire for comfort can take us under just the right conditions.

Performing and concept: Henni Kervinen & Riina Tikkanen

Outside eye: Thom Monckton, Soile Mäkelä 

Sound design: Petteri Salomaa

Light design: Essi Santala

Visual design: Johanna Latvala

Photos: Majo Kurki

World premiere 30.06.2023, Joutsa Taidelaitos Haihatus

Producers: Kallo Collective & Theatre Metamorfoosi

Supporters: Art Promotion Centre, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Kone Foundation, Aura of Puppets

Duration appr. 60 minutes

Age recommendation +13 yrs.

Content warnings: Flashing lights and wet hay

Sijaintikartta Cirko
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