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NouNous Festival is back! This year the third edition of Kallo Collective's unique 6 day festival ofphysical comedy includes performances by acclaimed local and international artists from Mexico,France, Russia and New Zealand.

Cirko - Center of the New Circus is the playground to 6 differentshows with astonishing artists.

Welcome to experience some laughter and joy during the darkest time of the year! 

Dec 3RD

19h00  Only Bones v1.3 -                   Jenni Kallo

20h00  Concerto pour                         deux clowns

DEC 4th

17h00 Artist discussion

19h00 Attraction Capillaire

20h00 Concerto pour

           deux clowns

DEC 5th

19h00 Only Bones v1.3 -  

           Jenni Kallo

20h00 Concerto pour deux


22h30 Demonight

DEC 6th

15h00 Concerto pour deux 


dec 7th

15h00 DIRT

16h30 Only Bones v1.3 -

           Jenni Kallo

18h00 KWALK

19h00 Attraction Capillaire

20h30 Receptionists

dec 8th

13h00 KWALK

14h00 Attraction Capillaire

15h00 DIRT


Presale Tiketti

27,50/22,50 & 22,50/16,50 €

On the door

30,00/25,00 & 25,00/20,00 €

Serial ticket 60,00 € incl. 4 free to choose shows

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Concerto pour deux clowns

Les Rois Vagabonds

Dec 3rd, 4th and 5th 20h00

Dec 6th 15h00

Mime, acrobatics, music and very few words: the Rois Vagabonds speak a universal language.

Concerto pour deux clowns with and by Julia Moa Caprez and Igor Sellem takes us to a journey where Vivaldi, Strauss and Bach are on the programme, but the musicians are clowns.

Concerto Pour Deux Clowns has been performed over 600 times - astonishing, amusing, moving and enchanting audiences all over the world. Highly original, poetic and remarkable show reinterprets the classical clown figure.

A must see with the whole family!


Authors and performers: Igor Sellem and Julia Moa Caprez

Technical support: Sacha Pinget, Florian Euvrard

Production: Les Rois Vagabonds

Duration 70 minutes

Age recommendation +8 yrs.

Supported by Institute Finlandais 

Gabriela Munoz I Dirt

Gabriela Munoz

Dec 7th and 8th 15h00

Try peeling off all your masks and dive deep into yourself to find your inner universe, your raw, highly attuned being.

DIRT, Gabriela Munoz’s latest solo, is a show about the things we wish to hide behind; false identities, clothes and labels removing the layers of imposed social stereotypes.


Gabriela Munoz is a star clown who has performed all over the world with her hit show Perhaps Perhaps ...Quizas. Her striking work blurs the line between visual arts, comedy, and theatre and her impeccable aesthetic has attracted the attention of many publications including Vogue Magazine.This is her second visit to NouNous Festival and the first time Dirt will be seen in Europe.

Created and directed by Gabriela Muñoz

Co direction Sampo Kurppa

Duration: 60 minutes

Age recommendation: +12 yrs.

"Gabriela Munoz reaches levels of excellence. She subverts the viewer and transports him/her to her universe, to an unreal world full of utopias.” 

- Cartelera de Teatro

Attraction Capillaire


Elice Abonce Muhonen and Sanja Kosonen 

Dec 4th and Dec 7th 19h00 

Dec 8th 14h00

Attraction Capillaire : Two women with no limits.

Kafka without having read Kafka. A circus parade with no animals. An aquatic act with no water. Acrobatics with no gravity. A great orchestra with no musicians. A circus performance with hair hanging and Finnish humour.

Authors and performers: Sanja Kosonen, Elice Abonce Muhonen

Building: Jérémie Bruyère and Michel Carpentier

Lighting design: Jérémie Bruyère

Musical composition and arrangements: Stéphane Comon

and Madeg Menguy

Costumes and hairstyling: Sanja Kosonen, Elice Abonce Muhonen

Stage manager: Elice Abonce Muhonen

Production: Galapiat Cirque

Co-production: Plateforme 2 Pôles Cirque en Normandie

/ La Brèche à Cherbourg - Cirque Théâtre d’Elbeuf


Duration: 25 minutes

Age recommendation: + 7 yrs.

Only Bones v1.3 I Jenni Kallo


Dec 3rd and 5th 19h00

Dec 7th 16h30

As part of a solo performance series of minimalist physical

theatre - we are proud to present Only Bones v1.3 - Jenni Kallo. She surprises in this show not only the audience but herself with new disciplines. Only one light, no text, no narrative, and as little props and set as possible. World premiere!

Creation and performing: Jenni Kallo

Director: Thom Monckton

Music: Maximilian Latva

Production: Kallo Collective

Support: Arts Promotion Centre, FInnish Cultural Foundation

Premiere 3.12.2019

Duration 35 minutes

Age recommendation +8 yrs.


Uusinta Ensemble and Kallo Collective

Dec 7th 18h00 I Dec 8th 13h00

KWALK is an absurd physical comedy collaboration between Kallo Collective and contemporary music collective; Uusinta Ensemble. KWALK joyfully expresses the ludicrousness of our the endless loop of satisfaction and desire experienced from popping bubble-wrap.

Georges Aperghis’ pieces performed by Uusinta Ensemble’s musicians with comics Kallo, Kurppa and Monckton is a fireworks of performing arts.

Performers: Jenni Kallo, Sampo Kurppa, Thom Monckton

Musicians: Emil Holmström, Maria Puusaari, Joonatan Rautiola


Duration 50 minutes

Age recommendation +8 yrs.

Premiere 2017


Inga Björn and Kristiina Tammisalo

Dec 7th 20h30

A spinoff show from Chameleon, these two receptionists are fast-talking smooth moving professionals in the hospitality industry. They speak multiple languages, none of which you can understand, and have an almost pathological fear of their customers.

Impressively silly and exceptionally charismatic, Inga and Kristiina have a unique and hilarious chemistry, which makes the whole experience delightfully bonkers. The aesthetically pleasing performance is strongly physical, unconventional and hilarious, suitable for all age groups. Only one performance on Saturday 7th of December!

Creation and direction: Inga Björn & Kristiina Tammisalo

Outside eye: Thom Monckton

Sound design: Esko Mattila

Lights: Kauri Klemelä

Visual: Gemma Tweedie

Duration 55 minutes

Age recommendation +7 yrs

Sijaintikartta I Cirko
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