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The Divine Lie - Jumalaton Valhe

Inspired by Anna Kortelainen's book Restless Woman - The Cultural History of Hysteria and its descriptions of hypnosis shows and the phenomena around the hysteria patients in the Late 19th Century.

Directed by Pirjo Yli-Maunula and created in collaboration with the entire working group, the work moves at the interfaces of different art fields. The multidisciplinary team consists of artists from clowning, dance, corporeal mime, music and visual arts. 

The audience is taken to the interface of absurd scenes from the everyday life of the sanatorium, and the repetitive days of alike. The movingly heroic and tenacious characters, their dreams, hopes, resentments, and efforts of power, become shameless and sensual, perhaps redefining beauty as well.


Performed by: Kauri Honkakoski/Kaisa Niemi, Ona Kamu, Jenni Kallo, Tuovi Rantanen, Hanna Terävä

Director: Pirjo Yli-Maunula

Light design: Sofia Palillo

Music: Ona Kamu

Sound design: Hanna Rajakangas

Costume and set design: Heidi Kesti

Photos: Janne-Pekka Manninen

Production: Kallo Collective

Supporters: Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Jenny & Antti Wihuri Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Niilo Helander Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre, MES, Oulu Valistustalorahasto, Kone Foundation

In co-operation with Flow circus, Cirko - Center for new circus

Demo in Performing Hel, 3.9.2021, Espoo Cultural Center

Premiere: 17.11.2021 Helsinki, Cirko 

Other dates: 18.-21.11.2021

Hanna Terävä - The Divine Lie
Kauri Honkakoski - The Divine Lie
Jenni Kallo - The Divine Lie
The Divine Lie
Tuovi Rantanen - The Divine Lie
Ona Kamu - The Divine Lie
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