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Only Bones v1.9 - Matt Pasquet


Only Bones v1.9 answers the biggest scientific question of them all "How did life begin?"....

Or maybe touches upon it.


Taking you on a journey of evolution from space matter to conscious extremities as they help and hinder their host on the exploration of the many rooms that a mere 1 square metre can bring, set to a micro foley soundscape...oh and there’s Kung Fu!


Creation and performance: Matt Pasquet

Outside eye: Thom Monckton & Jenni Kallo

Music creation: Tuomas Norvio

Light design: Ainu Palmu

Technician: Simon Abel

World premiere 1.12.2022

Production and support: Kallo Collective

Duration appr. 45 minutes

Age recommendation +8 yrs.

Matt Pasquet
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