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Former rock star Hamish wants him and his new art form to be taken seriously. His specialties as fakir are balloon dogs and fire-eating, and they are served to the audience with needed seriousness and skills. Pain and pleasure, characteristic to a fakir are present at the same time, and it doesn't matter how long the road to reach the goal is - pain threshold is high and virtuosity endogenous. Come, and experience Hamish!   


Performed and idea by: Mika Formunen

Director: Jenni Kallo

Music: Compilation

Photos: Tatu Kantomaa

Co-Producers: Piste Kollektiivi & Kallo Collective

Duration: 45 minutes

Premiere: 17.6.2021 Joutsa, Taidelaitos Haihatus

Hamish_Mika Formunen
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