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Into the wild


Into the Wild is a representational guide to returning to nature, which deals with man's twofold relationship with nature.

The satirical show, which combines the means of physical and visual theater, is a rich and sweat-drenched entity in which two merciless narrators dredge up taboos related to nature. We go from environmental destruction through species loss and pulp mills to healing rituals and complete silence, and to how far a person's desire for comfort can reach under favorable conditions.


Performing and concept: Henni Kervinen & Riina Tikkanen

Outside eye: Thom Monckton, Soile Mäkelä 

Sound design: Petteri Salomaa

Light design: Essi Santala

Visual design: Johanna Latvala

World premiere 30.06.2023, Joutsa Taidelaitos Haihatus

Producers: Kallo Collective & Theatre Metamorfoosi

Supporters: Art Promotion Centre, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Kone Foundation, Aura of Puppets

Duration appr. 60 minutes

Age recommendation +13 yrs.

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