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Members of our limbs

Members of Our Limbs was the founding show of Kallo Collective. 

A frenzy of absurd and eccentric clowning. It follows the antics of three sporadically violent and markedly edgy characters as they are dragged unwittingly through their own show. The patterns of the ordinary world and principles and influences of clowning are put on an operating table and dissected.

A suitable set of body parts are selected and a clown Frankenstein is produced. It’s frantic, it’s visual, and it’s funny


Created and performed by: Jenni Kallo, Sampo Kurppa and Thom Monckton

Light design: Alice Leclerc

Production: Kallo Collective

Duration: 60 minutes

Demo: 11.5.2010 Cirko - contemporary circus festival

Premiere: 6.5.2011 Helsinki @Cirko

Toured in: Finland, Norway, France, Georgia, Iceland, China, Mexico, Germany, USA, Romania, French Guyana, UK, New Zealand

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