The King of Taking

A royal physical comedy so new it's not finished.

The King of Taking at BATS is a development season for a new work by Kallo Collective and Thom Monckton.

Allergic to normal flooring, a childish and petulant King can only walk on red carpet, and can't move without an effective fanfare. His executions are unsustainably frequent as he callously barrels towards his own destruction.


Director: Thom Monckton

Performers: Thom Monckton, Tess Munroe

Production & Costume Design: Gemma Tweedie

Lighting Design: Lucas Neal

Costume/Production build: Lucas Neal

Sound/Music: Rosie Langabeer, Gerard Crewdson, Caspar Monckton (More TBC)

Marketing/Assistant Production: Eleanor Strathern

Online Outside Eye: Jenni Kallo

Environmental Consultant: Heleen de Boever

Production: Kallo Collective

Presented by A Mulled Whine

Supporters: Creative NZ, TAFT, Nelson Arts Festival, Kone Foundation/Kallo Collective

Demo: 6.3.2022, The Bats, Wellington, New Zealand

Duration 60 minutes