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Houkutus (Temptation) is a physical comedy about one mans struggle with his addiction to cigarettes. Deceptively light-hearted, this solo show is uniquely physicalised and comically twisted offering the audience a chance to laugh and empathise at a state of mind we all experience on some level. 

Kurppa's solo performance is a veritable lesson in dark, contemporary clowning. Humble, but surprisingly sinister, Sampo's expressive physical articulation will have you captivated from start to finish. 


Created and performed by Sampo Kurppa

Ceramics: Ville-Matti Simonen

Light design: Antti Kulmala

Support: Kone Foundation

Duration: 45 minutes

Premiere 24.3.2010, Turku

Production: Agit-Cirk, Ehkä-Production and Sampo Kurppa

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