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Only Bones v1.0

Only Bones Project is a minimalist physical theatre and sparse-video performance project. Using uniform and restrictive parameters solo performers create their own unique live shows with a similar aesthetic. With guidelines of "only one light, no narrative, no set, no props, no text, and all within a limited amount of space", artists are then left much to their own devices to create their own world within a concept.

In parallel to the live performance, these same solo performers are invited to create video projects, placing their exemplary physicality into sparse environments, highlighting our human connection/disconnection to world. 


Performer and creation: Thom Monckton

Sound design: Tuomas Norvio

Visual: Gemma Tweedie

Supporters: Samuel Huber Foundation

Production: Kallo Collective

Premiere: 27.12.2015

Duration 45 minutes

Age recommendation + 8 yrs. 


Auckland Theatre Award - Excellence award for overall production 2019

Fringe World Perth Weekly Award - Winner - Physical Theatre 2019
Best of Fringe - Winner - NZ Fringe 2019
Best of Fringe - Winner - Auckland Fringe 2019


2019 Wellington Theatre Award - Most original production
2019 Tehran Theatre Awards - Sound Design
2016 Total Theatre Awards - Shortlist - Physical Theatre 

© Gemma Tweedie
© Auréia Tassafi
© AureliaTassafi
© Gemma Tweedie
© Gemma Tweedie
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