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Moving Stationery

Moving Stationery is a multi-award winning physical comedy solo created and performed by Thom Monckton. The show revolves around Sigmund, the bewildered recipient of a new office job. The new recruit is besieged by his new office and the lift, his lunch, and the stationery are set to destroy him. Moving Stationery transforms small but recognizable everyday frustrations into catastrophic events. The show combines object and body manipulation, clown technique and imagery to create a visual, energetic and very funny piece of unique physical comedy.


Created and performed by: Thom Monckton 

Light design: Marianne Lagus

Costume: TAUKO

Premiere: 7.9.2011

Duration 40 minutes

Age recommendation + 4 yrs. 


Best Solo Show, NZ Fringe 2012

Best of Fringe, Dunedin Fringe 2012

Best in Theatre, Dunedin Fringe 2012

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