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Miss Olga

Olga, the cabaret diva extraordinaire!...well...sort of. 

This is the bittersweet tale of an eccentric old lady impatiently waiting the return of a family member. Told through Olga’s slightly distorted perspective Miss Olga takes us through the emotional and laugh-out-loud journey of her life. 

Jenni articulates Olga’s memories with mime, silhouettes, clown, and circus. In amidst the flurries of feathers and fervent flames, Olga bears her underlying loneliness with a hopeful smile that consistently plucks at our heartstrings. 

With fire-eating and marsh-mellow breathing, Miss Olga treads the line between comedy and sorrow.

Miss Olga is the perfect example of exciting wordless story-telling.


Created and performed: Jenni Kallo

Music: Hannu Oskala

Lighting design: Marianne Lagus

Visualisation: Kirsi Manninen

Production: Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth and Kallo Collective

Duration: 50 minutes

Premiere: 7.9.2011 

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