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Endling, the last of its kind


Molded together from lost pieces of forgotten acts, Endling holds the embers of mirth in cupped hands carefully nursing them to a roaring sun of laughter. Tiny pieces of inventive physical comedy populate a curation of timeless, rambling, joyful jaunts. Thom Monckton has been making solo physical theatre pieces for over 10 years, and Endling presents the favorite fingers of this body of work waving goodbye before they disappear forever.


Performed and curated by: Thom Monckton

Light design: Niamh Campbell-Ward

Prepremier: Lyttelton Arts Festival 11.-12.7.2024, NZ

World premiere 17.8.2024, Re Riga! Festival

Support: Kallo Collective

Duration appr. 50 minutes

Age recommendation +7 yrs.

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