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Chameleon is an ensemble visual theatre show with circus and physical performers using the concept and visual elements of camouflage and set in the context of a peculiar hotel. The various areas of the hotel are the home to vibrant catastrophes punctuated by physical and visual humour. Developed from an award-winning 20 minutes demo piece by Gemma Tweedie and Thom Monckton in 2015. This bigger and better version is the largest show for Kallo Collective so far. Contains physical theatre, circus and absurd humour. 


Performers: Inga Björn, Kristiina Janhunen, Jenni Kallo, Sakari Saikkonen, Gemma Tweedie, Olli Vuorinen

Directors: Thom Monckton and Gemma Tweedie

Sound design: Maximilian Latva

Costumes: Gemma Tweedie

Supporters: Arts Promotion Centre, Finnish Cultural Foundation Uusimaa 

Premiere: 12.5.2017

Duration 70 minutes

Age recommendation + 8 yrs. 

credit Jouni Ihalainen
Ihalainen Jouni
Ihalainen Jouni
Ihalainen Jouni
Ihalainen Jouni
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