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Caterpillars is a physical comedy based loosely on the life cycle of two personified caterpillars/butterflies, and told by two less-than-capable clown puppeteers. The magical world of giant caterpillars, floating eggs, and waving flowers is grounded heavily in reality by the puppeteers. This is a layered physical comedy where the audience is taken into a quirky dream world only to be suddenly brought back to an unpretentious reality by the appealing hopelessness of the clown puppeteers.


This is the first Kallo Collective show for children although the style stays true to the company's universal style and crosses all age and language barriers.


Created by: Jenni Kallo and Thom Monckton 

Directed by: Thomas Monckton

Light design: Elina Nopanen

Sound design: Eilyas X

Costume design: TAUKO

Performed by: Emma Castren/Jenni Kallo/Sakari Saikkonen/Victor Barrere

Supporters: Arts Promotion Centre

Premiere: 14.6.2014

Duration 45 minutes

Age recommendation + 4 yrs. 

Awards: Best performance and Best costume                       /Auckland Fringe

”The performance of Kallo Collective is so devoted and expressive that you forget it is nonverbal”

© Heidi Hanna-Karhu
© Heidi Hanna-Karhu
© Heidi Hanna-Karhu
© Heidi Hanna-Karhu
© Heidi Hanna-Karhu
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