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Blueberry Burdock is an upcoming solo piece by circus artist and director Olli Vuorinen, directed by Thom Monckton. It is a journey of a character overwhelmed by an abundance of options, losing himself and reality to a labyrinth of indecision. Expressed through a combination of visual narration, object manipulation, and comical absurdity, Blueberry Burdock dances playfully in a place of limbo.

Blueberry Burdock freely combines the techniques of physical theater, juggling and object manipulation. The work is based on Vuorinen's years of artistic research on bodily conflicts and various materials and objects.


Concept and performance: Olli Vuorinen

Director: Thom Monckton

Light Design: Teo Lanerva

Music, sound design: Konsta Leinonen 

Costume design: Iida Ukkola

Set Design: Kalle Oja/Olli Vuorinen

Production: Nuua and Pragma Helsinki

Co-Producer: Kallo Collective

Support: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, City of Helsinki, Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth, Kone Foundation, Haihatus

Premiere: 2023

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