NouNous Festival is here! This year the fourth edition of Kallo Collective's unique 6 day festival of physical comedy includes performances by acclaimed local and international artists from Denmark and Sweden. Cirko - Center of the New Circus is the playground to 5 different shows with astonishing artists. Presale tickets are available in Tiketti on 27th of October onwards.  Due covid-19 situation we sell less tickets than capacity, so please, do book your tickets in advance, and stay safe! xx 

Welcome to experience some laughter and joy during the darkest time of the year!

Dec 1st

19h00  Pendulum

Helsinki premiere

DEC 2nd

19h00 Michael Might

Helsinki premiere

20h30 Pendulum

DEC 3rd

19h00 Michael Might

20h30 Red Hot


Helsinki premiere

DEC 4th

19h00 Only Bones v1.6

Helsinki premiere

20h30 Red Hot


dec 5th

15h00 The Letter

16h30 Michael Might

17h30 Daily Mix - TBA


19h00 Only Bones v1.6

20h30 Pendulum

21h30 Only Bones v1.6

dec 6th

15h00 The Letter

Helsinki premiere


Presale Tiketti

22,50/16,50 €

Serial ticket 60,00 € incl. 5 free to choose shows

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Pendulum_rocking chairs.jpg

PENDULUM is an investigation into all things that sway, rock, oscillate, or otherwise move backwards and forwards in a perpetual fashion. With rocking chairs and a B-grade horror movie aesthetic this production promises humour, surprise, tension, relief, visuality and intrigue; All the ingredients needed for a fulfilling audience experience.

Thom Monckton and Luis Sartori do Vale working together for the first time ever. This is a must see! 


Creation and performers: Luis Sartori do Vale and Thom Monckton

Light designt: Jere Mönkkönen

Sound design: Petteri Rajanti

Production: Kallo Collective and co-producer Dynamo Workspace

Support: Arts Promotion Centre, 

Duration 50 minutes

Age recommendation +8 yrs.



Dec 2nd and 3rd 19h00 and 5th 16h30

Incredible Michael Might and his Amazing Magic Show  

combines circus, great illusions, acrobatics and live music. Artists coming from Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi City, entertain us with several historical magic stunts from levitation to restoration and quick changes. All done with good humour, amazing sharpness and diligent. The company is well known for their skill to entertain.


Audience enjoyment and their well being are in the forefront of the iron strong performers - very enthusiastic magician Michael Might, his charming assistant Sarah Sharp and musician Kevin Venom, whose brilliant presence is like a glue holding the show together. 


This performance doesn't require skill in languages, non-verbal show suits to everybody and time goes fast with the amazing performers even with a bad company. 

Direction: Jenni Kallo

Performers: Mika Formunen, Annu Nietula, Tatu Kantomaa

Visual: Tiia Aspegren

Production: Piste Kollektiivi

Duration: 45 minutes

Age recommendation: +8 yrs.

10- THE LETTER-Collage.jpg


Paolo Nani 

Dec 5th and 6th 15h00

The Letter is one of the most touring Danish performances in international venues. The Letter was produced in 1992 together with Nullo Facchini, director of Cantabile 2, and has toured in most European countries and ran for more than 1000 performances.

Never a word is spoken and the result is ludicrous in a ‘crescendo’ of games and surprises.

The quality of the performance is based on its extreme simplicity: No scenography, no special light, no special effect, no special costume but an actor’s tour de force, precision, timing and fantasy.

The performance is packed with details, gags from the beginning until the end and it gives no single minute of break to audience’s laughing muscles.


Concept: Paolo Nani, Nullo Facchini

Direction: Nullo Facchini

Duration: 60 minutes

Age recommendation: + 7 yrs.

OBv16 Triangle_Marina.jpg



Dec 4th 19h00 Premiere

Dec 5th 19h00 and 21h30

Hailing from Missoula, Montana, currently based in Stockholm, Marina works with extreme flexibility, combined with dance and physical theatre to create an idiosyncratic style of performance.

As part of a solo performance series of minimalist physical

theatre - this year we are proud to present Only Bones v1.6 - Marina Cherry. Only one light, no text, no narrative, and as little props and set as possible. 

Creation and performing: Marina Cherry

Director: Thom Monckton




Premiere 4.12.2020

Duration 40 minutes

Age recommendation +8 yrs.


Red Hot Condition is an energetic lycra and humor -flavored performance that handles today’s fitness boom and the appearance pressures through contemporary circus and physical comedy. 30 minutes of world class circus, live funk music and humor in the glow of 80s bright colors.

Red Hot Condition is the debut show of Company Afterclap. The company was founded in 2019 by two Finns, Nelli Kujansivu from Tampere - the Sauna Capital of the World and Aaron Hakala from Kemi - the Snow Castle town of Lapland. After years of touring separately they decided to combine their forces and so was Company Afterclap born.

Original idea and performers: Aaron Hakala & Nelli Kujansivu
Outside eyes: Jenni Kallo & Mirja Jauhiainen
Music & sound: Aaron Hakala
Costumes: Suvi Lepola & Nelli Kujansivu
Voice over: Matt Pasquet

Premiere 1.7.2020

With support from: Region Stockholm (SE), Finnish Arts Promotion Center (FI), Cirkus Cirkör (SE), Subtopia (SE) and Burnt out Punks (SE).


Duration 30 minutes

Age recommendation +5 yrs.